Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles I think, Subs will stay here until Osman Bey jumps himself and returns, of us you will stay in the village until the order comes true I – Come on, I’m not leaving your mind in the palm of that vizier, is your heart in the heart of that mean man? How is it health? It’s not my day. What a homie in your face, what a light, you can open it, Gündüzbey.Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles Get ready, Gündüzbey , we will conquer Harmankaya Castle. All of this booty will be in-laws.

From now on , you will find a bloodless Me without Nur for me,

just like that Vizier What are these words of God by exiling you I made the right decision If and without it You will go tomorrow This is it until you realize oneness this is and the pinnacle of the summit They took it from me now nikola’s flag waves from the walls of Harmankaya Castle There is nothing useful for repetitions in the order he stands in, Köse His only concern is his own power.if something happens to him there, we can’t look at Osman’s face.It’s a great conquest for a wise man like you.

I’ll call you a little what he says come on go easy tell Osmanbey

what you said one by one those girls go to Osman bel then a few 6volts or something We do it Osmanbey, I’m not in the shower district, as long as our accounts this Kutan Send our 156 friends, if you fell, it’s your order, I don’t understand. Have we counted our lives in vain? If not , they will kill you.The lands that Osman gave many martyrs for the sake of but could not conquer will be yours without acting as a candidate for this purchase,


He will understand and he will transfer it to me, if it is so ,

Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles I will come to you alone, I will come, I will know the men who will let us into the Palace . o Come on Ha stop Hayatlar Yes, sir Türkan, they changed the way, I eat, this is the way to Konya. Let it pass. then our streets will come out of your channel, look, time will not stop, his intention is to gather Turkmen subjects behind him. sound but me and he is pink about breaking games this deserves Vodafone, this Harmankaya will also decorate these walls with a different kind of apricot, huh, this is the Conquest done day and night without bloodshed.

you will keep our promise.

Who ordered me to do this job? Things Ya my brother Osman Allah has said that, but I will not sit on that post, you will see that Gündüzbey brother Neither Osman is from Konya, he will confuse me, there will be duality, it will not be a principality Sometimes you have to think about your situation first But you will be a good ney, you will be a good ney, you will keep it ahead of everything. That’s why, and exile them. is in the heart of the state, but for now, they really favor the effort, the right is known, it is known, it is known, it is necessary,

you made the right decision by sending the chicks to exile,

now for the unity of nova It was necessary, Alparslan Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles this was necessary, I behaved in a completely worthy way, but everything was necessary for the father, he did it like this oh be like and bell alemşah what did we put Orhan apart from his mother This is not to separate a child from his mother The safest place for this lesson is the plain. Our rate is in my brother’s trust. God forbid,


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