Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles Osman took my brother from me. I will take his sheikh from him. I’ve had enough, my sheik! Dervish Khan! You should sipher your body to my sheikh . Hold on, my sheik. Do not put the Oghuz in the dark. Hold on, hold on. Throw your gun! Soldiers, act! We’re pulling back! Tell Osman. I’m going to hurt more until I get my brother back. Sheikh Edebali. Sheikh Edebali, are you okay? Roads can be dangerous. My soldiers will take you to a safe place. I’ll bring a doctor too. You know where to take it

He is under the ground each and every one See you and

won’t I put each of these bastards in the ground I will search endlessly this age, what will you know that this will be the first bleeding of where to call uncle Bora Togay natural gas mourn this As I have to find you too I ‘m a human better Mashallah it’s slow for my nephew What happened Alo o I’m OsmanYou don’t listen to my word you do not listen to my words You trade with those who hurt me, the burning soul is yours Are you by my side? It rains, raids on the caravan of those who do not sleep,

I am not only a trade, it is astonishing.

I will not betray Osman Bey, whatever I do, comeor halal Thank you sister God bless you this this this this and it this of sign up and Ooo separate Osman Bey, Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles where do we meet here, we will save your children from the precaution, that’s why we are here, these tekfurlar should release you in their own line, this pine honey so that we can save the children, but we have the ability to act in your institution .


maybe they put the castle there Ay so if

one of them has a secret passage to escape Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles This is bartolo time I learned the location of the secret passage in the castle of Bilecik with this kitchen by the way This is Erkin O you will open the center for us I will enter their castle with the caravan to open the center Big big for them to believe next time we will play a game I like you a lot oh so I will make you pay for this Osman Bey Osman But we stopped such a valiant robot,

I didn’t believe it when he asked for it,

we are safe now Ya no um um Our way is bracelet Every true yes Come on come on are n’t you going to vote but I think you should eat and you will have enough in every main salary anyway What do you think to the monastery city this magic wind button always azgar 1/2 you will not have difficulty and drink a good job, a tree of light in each of us , no matter what you do, you ca n’t give in vain Change it to us and don’t be so sure, little Turk Because even if you see them here, they won’t lose anything. We are Turkish sons with faith You don’t need to come here,

Alparslan Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

This Turgut gentleman will be able to do this job, do you think this Turgut is a strong and intelligent person? adam robotus this Welcome Turgut Bey welcome We are on the road did he keep his promise to vote Good luck to this caravan It’s a lot But you are injured you are this is a question and a problem. What are you waiting for? Call October OK Slowly that this to the heart Osmanbey attacked the caravan

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