Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles You too, Osman Bey. Masallah. Are you the child that Halime looks like the apple of her eye? Have you ever wondered what your mother would say if they knew you were turning your back on your brother? Don’t main. Come on, I didn’t turn my back on my brother. I always envied you so much, you know? What a good son Halime Hatun has raised, I used to say that she would stand behind her brother and make up for his absence. My main burning liver.I am with my brother again.Ask here… Which side are you on? Do you know there is a story? They took a man and beat him. They would hit the man’s chest on the chest, the man would cry for my back.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

I have no maternity rights. But you know, until my last breath, I will pray for you to see the truth as your sister-in-law. my sheikh. My sheikh, my heart burns. my heart burns, my sheikh. Would I have known it would happen like this? If you knew and did, you would be one of the wrongdoers. You did it unknowingly, you are one of the heedless. For the sake of my Obama. For the good of all of us. I wanted to drive the chicks away so that blood wouldn’t spill. Of course, my sheikh, they would return when order was restored. Would I like it to be like this


The believer will be agah, he will always be awake,

Gündüz Bey. Do you know the hypocrites who built Masjid Dirar? Their aim was to help those who created discord among the believers and were hostile to Allah and His Messenger . They tried to cover the nest of betrayal and cruelty under the guise of Beytullah. But what is secret to my Lord? He is all-seeing and all-hearing. He informed his Messenger of their intention in the time of tawba. It was forbidden to reach the presence of Allah in the evil house called that mosque. The Messenger of Allah immediately had that nest of hypocrisy destroyed. The verses of Allah and the sunnah of His Messenger are obvious.

Do you think the hypocrites who built Masjid Dirar that day will be empty now,

Gündüz Bey? He does not stop… But the heedless prostrate themselves in the palaces of the hypocrites today. His hands can’t be enough to wash them, Gündüz Bey. We are always against the hypocrite, my sheikh. But I see that you know every evil from Alemşah. My sheikh, I vouch for his intentions. He thinks about the fate of the Turkmen. Vizier Alemşah has sealed his eyes, ears and even his heart with his evils so much that you have fallen into a sleep of negligence for a long time and you cannot get up. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles The end of those who insist on heedlessness is hypocrisy, obviously my words will not affect you.

If you wish to wake up from the sleep of heedlessness during the day,

you may become a disciple of your conscience and a guide to your soul. Everything is clear as day. Vizier Alemşah and Geyhatu work together. It’s visible there. What are we going to do now? What to do is clear. Sultan Mesut needs to see that they act together. We’ll see. However, they are very adept at eyewashing. What about Sultan Mesut? Do we know if he is dead or alive? Even if God allows it to live. If it dies… Then the dry beam becomes worse than a knot. Let’s pray that he lives, otherwise the situation will be bad. I spent a lot of time with Sultan Mesut, he is very strong. It is like steel. I hope he will get better.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In Urdu Subtitles

the Sultan will get better, and he will get better… How are we going to bind up these wounds, Osman Bey? They’ve taken away your tribe. My pen. Our states consider us both traitors. Tell me, what are we going to do now? It will be hard for you to understand what I’m about to say now, Kosses. Is the property ours so that we grieve at its loss? The property belongs only to Allah. Obama is an occasion for me, I burn with love to make him great. That is my only purpose. Let them know how they want us. Our intention, our pure heart, is on the way of the Right. Thanks.Finally they stopped and said, man, we will hit your chest, why do you cry for my back? Do you know what he said? He said that if my back and my back were solid,

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