Kurulus Osman Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles e saw himself equal to us, he will never let us go. This is a bell, we have been through many ordeals, we have been through many troubles, do not , but it is time to say stop to this cruel tyrant, this is Vizier alemşah and Maybe my life But they say they are so cruel You say stop, Durmaz, this is the way to stop the holidays, this is justice, their rule is death Osmanbey Vizier Söğüt, I was established as a measure, so the soldiers arms, how are we going to seize the vizier, a cure is found Söğüt is the property of the beech

this is Thank You Can Kia, this will be our wounded Gazi,

for example, we are our spot ointment, our medicine, and is our corner ready enough for all these things, but they are all ready at his command. separate measures and preparations are complete, but this ordeal will not fall on our necks, as if it wasn’t enough, you get up. You forget the empire, oh , you say you have a moon in the park. holding it [Applause] this is Welcome to Osmanbey. Greetings from us too, folks Aydin, me, this circle thread is on the market, this is Ezel Eyşan, you know better what it means, This Fairy disappoints you a lot, but look you traitor in the eye.

a job from there You got it d and you are the same and

Hadise are super we work for you thank god I opened my eyes and saw your real face But you Vizier alemşah this two-faced devil do you have this Loyalty is hard craft But the real hard thing Choosing that you are loyal to my resident I tell you You are a traitor, then he became one and assassinated the Seljuk Sultan Now, thanks to you, I will pull the phosphorate away. We will talk, talk about this love, you are asking me, you are accusing me. You will answer for what you have done, , you will vote. God is the best of those who set traps . Music] and Bismillahirrahmanirrahim A101 Look, now I hit you ,


throw a vine Ferhat I ate this Alaaddin Emek

who learned that it was wasted and wrote it this Ayetel Kürsi download this Aladdin world It’s good for your boy It’s my wish and you will run in your sure wife like Hazrat Ali [ Music] you will accompany your brother Orhan and give them back to back , but do not let us fall apart, you can’t break a Benzi, am I Osman Bey ? Let it be literature, I see you raising a good son before, I would love it in those separate rooms Even if they know, it’s about hearts Let’s knit I’m knitting You are so beautiful You have heart oil what’s up , maybe it’s a fate Listen but I hope but I hope she will return to Sheikh Edebalı and another light of our father

You will be my son I hope God I hope there is a question .

I will not give it get easy be the uncle tonight we brought him the saint he sent him this means face brother you will go to the paper with the soldier ha this and you will get it it’s good time you will go on this way what will we stand on that notebook harmony with you uncle o top The word will not fail the ambassador is not your genres what is it [Music ] what is it this message sir At that time, I will paint the eyes of my husband, Osman, with his certificated size. Thank you, get ready for my name, Osman, I will go to the police We will go to Mr.

Tomorrow will besiege the Ova. Will I eat it to the right ?

Nothing will come to the mother-in-law’s counter without seeing it. Here you go. I’m still here. be, this is Selvi Hatun, gold is the important part of gold, it’s our guest, wait, you don’t, it’s clean, Gündüzbey, this is your welcome, Selma Hatun, Love it , give it a like, and I’ll make you a car friend . Thank you. Look, this summer, Thanks to you ] this Vizier alemşah He is better when the oppressor’s time is up O Lord, you are the garden of Islam for Alaaddin Ali Then suddenly at 14, grow as a sapling and have the knowledge of the braver who walks on the path of Islam, O my Lord, But you, Aladdin , always act like Sirat-ı Müstakim,

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