Mehmetçik Kut’ül-Amare Season 1

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Sub

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Sub

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Sub who are you I don’t have time to play What are you talking about now. you know very well Zehra. calm down my daughter. I don’t know where she is. but I know she’s alive. She is a child. whatever you have. see me. calm down. we are on the same side. like you. I’m not on the same side. I won’t be. but don’t do this to me. Sht as much Sht But I do n’t find that much don’t keep us safe Zehra salt You will talk If something happens to her you are leaving her tell me it ‘s not a state issue named Ali president.

They don’t have it but what do they want they

still haven’t asked for anything Isn’t it weird but it’s not after all and nothing that lks weird is actually not weird there is no such thing as weird Just different people and There are different things they do Well it’s different things different people do we call it flu we home normal people need a third car injured They used our hand to lift That’s why I got the list of cars that had parking at that hour We list of cars that were there at that hour is not enough At least a few days the license plates of the vehicleu like this nice space this is my favorite I’m done for your women Here t

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

I said leave your guns or you’ll all die Have you had experience of teaching something in the middle of Ankara. enough talk. is it so famous that your guns are close to the ground You don’t know how to count Otherwise. I couldn’t stand against us. Music] ha ha What should have happened? . I don’t know. but they didn’t think we would go to that warehouse in the heart of Ankara without support. I guess How is the MIT packaged in the warehouse? How are we going to throw it away ? Ken. you don’t know anything .

it seems that way it was easy Do they have a relationship

with foreign intelligence. my love does not seem to exist at the moment. but they certainly have connections . now they kidnapped Yağmur. they tk isoria. we tk the men. but they came out empty. Neither we got anything. nor their president. What was their purpose? Maybe they achieved something It will come out sn what it is. This As you can see. the Turkish intelligence was not that smart. others who will find out that I am interested I just want the woman. let me call her. she’s not responsible for her death. don’t worry. don’t worry. you will get a woman But first I have to see it now.

Then we have to hurry to you we must deal

with this while we still have her. I ‘ve been waiting for such moments for years I’ve been waiting for a salad Los if you want Just get a woman don’t worry don’t worry see you What was it? If your hair is damaged. I will kill you. What do you want? We want we want it sold you will just do it or the girl dies and we are the ones to kill her stop talking nonsense tell her what you want We are a. Isn’t it obvious? It’s a state issue. but it’s a matter of the state.

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Sub

We can get a half and a half Mustafa OK You re welcome. this is another Zehra trust me He’s like us. we’ll deliver our daughter Safely and bher with the intelligence unit and we will not let this happen . Isn’t it. I trust and I know that this will not fail my trust asta What do you do? you’re okay. What should I do? small much t small anyway they won’t hurt you they won’t give you you won’t surrender when we fail we won’t lose it’s more important than which one of us is alive but we won’t lose our dignity he can’t take it alive but still you said Yes he’s sorry but with my own hands I can’t deliver the rates. death will never happen .


Serdar has to. at that time if I give them what they

want to destroy. we will get a girl some time. You will find Yağmur in the meantime. you can’t find him or I can’t send him to death What happened Burak we went Could it be the last meeting He is something to you I ‘ll Never Forgive Myself If something happens to my daughter. I feel myself you just try to buy time I will find Yağmur and bring it to you please open it this is Denizli he is there they don’t contact me while you are there we will get through this t I want to believe you It’s not worth yourself Yes ok I say you buy if he follows you your girl will die that space

I found something on Serdar Akar’s phone He talked

to someone exactly 13 times. Who is he t? According to the signal I got. you are sn. Probably Zehra was watching the man. it is understd that we need to find him as sn as possible Hello hello Ahmet Kaya who is it. what is it. I’m here. do you see it. But these [ Music] Cetinkaya. what are you doing? My eyes are on me. I m lking to see if I dropped it here . I’m telling you no No need Maybe you dropped it in the car I’m not aware I’m Cetin I’m a little hungry I wonder if we eat together it’s gd to be alive then hold me girl take it to the flr calm it lks flashy

No it will be ok I’m calm but if you don’t hurry it may pull the trigger by a hectic mistake Ebru hu Ebru is the one who tk the photos tk the photos Hello. my president. let’s do it for the person who tk the photo of ours. Ebru. this is my wife. Ebru. is n’t she a vezirka. Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Sub

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