Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 In Urdu

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episdoe 1 In Urdu Subtitles just do it. not that much. but it’s obvious I mean. someone died because of you. Of course. you don’t want to live again. You do n’t seem to be able to handle the death of young people under your command. . Do n’t be surprised . or we’re back Then 13 is his favorite thing to be smart. Do we have a deal ?

I said this My home is not answering on

the phone an hour ago he will be here his rehabilitation He was not to come sit down No no I need to find him you can’t sit down Well you know where he is I don’t know where he is and you talk like you know but he has been with you more than ever for 13 years So it’s over He needed you for a year stayed in the hospital I can’t get up then you can walk only when you hold your hand But now she can move on her own it’s not you. if you ask. it’s a wall. don’t ask him where he is.

He’s never an agent or something. he has no duty anymore.

He is busy with his life. this agent’s old one. his new retired organization. he is dead. he’s dead. Ertuğrul. what he’s done. he ll hide. I don’t understand. The bullet in his body is poisoning him. what is he killing him slowly? If he continues to act in a way that will accelerate death But I’ll see it but if you want the import doesn’t lk at me In case it actually happens come home You’ll be sure that we guys live sn but if you don’t do what I want bugs sn Don’t talk about it.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

now he thinks it’s my face. the intelligence police are all lking for me. I can’t act without the help of someone from inside. You will send me to Cyprus in your own hands . war is hard work. you know you have a way Especially when hiding in enemy territory As much as a doctor As a doctor as a ck To survive you have to be whatever you have to do whatever you will see I am gd It’s Call Arif Sorry jurez Sorry so calm I’m not bad for someone tomorrow at all You’re not bad.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

you can’t find two or three to practice while you hide like this. Because it’s Beşiktaş. but Zinde . I need to change it to the camera. do you hear it. calm down. there is Apollo. do you know which Greek should be introduced? mn circles in 16 hours boy’s wounds are very heavy I left the lead inside I covered the wounds

from the top but he loses more bld than

he takes six hours do you know the girl in ten hours you know it’s ok you told it to taste you said the subject will live with the baby You will get what you want I will send it to Cyprus this year But then after you I’ll come and kill you there to the satisfaction. I m so bored of living away. now I want to work on your hand Believe me. I respect you. if you want.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Don’t you kill yourself Agreed Gd take it easy do you know that I have a Bld Brother and Apollo I gave him to his hiding place I am in Ankara they are seizing him at this moment Maybe they have already taken the price of what they did to the back seat of a car He is taken to pay. He is like you. I’m Kemal. but we didn’t take this road by risking death. This is why we came by chsing . so no more for your attention. nor any more.

i’ll eat it don’t piss him off this Kemal this give message

o here here we go there brother don’t lose weight Kaplan let’s see how we will go out. . let the public prepare a coil for this vehicle quickly [Music ] I ‘ll put you on this Nilo I’m going to kill you oh oh this Commander Apollo is still talking gd to hear your voice Samsung Getting you out of here but I can’t reach him he is preparing to greet you with crates of guns it’s because then the manager himself You know.

I found the way out of Turkey. It’s time.

I’ll run after the hour. will you do it? Yes. the boss loves you very much. you will live the promise of a soldier. but his boss will not see you. it’s your fault he Yes sir there is an important issue what is Samsung It is said that there are many dead and injured in the Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles secret place of which have been published Samsun has not heard from him yet. pass on the telegram OK. you are home now he is there. but I am checking the level.

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