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Who we are

At Makkitv, our goal is to introduce viewers who speak Urdu to the vast and engrossing world of Turkish television. We are aware of the international appeal of Turkish dramas and their capacity to engage viewers with engrossing narratives, rich historical settings, and dynamic characters. Our goal is to provide a smooth viewing experience for our diverse audience and to bridge the cultural divide.

Our Vision

Makkitv focuses on offering premium Turkish shows with professional Urdu subtitles. We painstakingly choose and translate popular series to preserve the subtleties and spirit of the original material. Our current collection includes beloved books like “Kurulus Osman,” and we’re always adding to it to suit a variety of tastes.

  • We take great pleasure in providing high-quality subtitles that improve your comprehension and enjoyment of the show.
  • User Experience: You are our top priority when creating our platform, which has a simple-to-use interface and flawless streaming capabilities.
  • We think that the community has great power. We welcome fans to offer their opinions, engage in conversations, and keep current on the newest releases via our website and social media accounts.

What makes Makkitv the choice?

  • Wide-ranging Library With so many Turkish series available, there is something for everyone, from historical epics to contemporary dramas.
  • Professional Translations: Our group of knowledgeable editors and translators puts out a lot of effort to produce excellent Urdu subtitles, so you never miss a second of the drama.
  • Updates: We update our material frequently, so you can always look forward to new episodes and series.
  • Dedicated Support: We guarantee a seamless and pleasurable watching experience by having our customer service staff available to help you with any inquiries or problems.

Become a member.

With Makkitv, explore the world of Turkish plays and feel the enchantment of these engrossing tales, now available in your language. Accompany our expanding fan base and take part in a singular cultural experience.

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